Nikkei Dinner At Mister Chen's


We are proud to host our very first Nikkei Dinner, collaboration with our Chef Shamir Bechara. This dinner will be a culinary exploration of the Japanese Diaspora, and it's contributions to Peruvian cuisine.

The evening will follow a menu focused on showcasing the story of this regional cuisine created by Japanese immigrants who landed in Peru in the 19th century to work on Peruvian coastal plantations. A genre-bending cooking style deeply grounded in Japanese techniques, traditional Peruvian dishes, and indigenous South American ingredients.

* Nikkei is the name given to this Japanese influenced cuisine woven through traditional Peruvian fare, taken From the Japanese word for emigrants and their descendants.

The Menu:

This is a tasting menu event, please communicate any allergies or dietary restrictions before ticket purchase to ensure we can accommodate.

Cocina Nikkei:

Golden Redfish, Aji Amarillo, Soya, Ginger, Citrus

|Pulpo Chimiyaki|
Grilled Octopus, Hondashi Chimichurri, Smoked Pepper

|Asado Nitsuke|
Braised Short Rib, Nitsuke Sauce, Aji Rocoto

|Choclo Mille Fuille|
Sweet Corn Pastry Cream, Puff Pastry, Corn Shoot Gelato